february 11, 2017

WEEKEND. YES. BUMMING IT. YES. i had nothing to do today, so i did literally nothing to my face. i have no problem with this. see you tomorrow! Advertisements

february 10, 2017

DELAYED OPENING!!! i got to sleep in, and am literally looking maybe the best i’ve ever looked (next to my wedding day). I AM FEELING FLAWLESS. I’M EVEN WEARING LIPSTICK?!?! i got so many compliments today on how good i looked. i just wish i knew what i did differently makeup wise to replicate it!…

february 9, 2017


february 8, 2017

so today was GREAT. it was like 60 degrees outside, it was a half day at work, AND it’s supposed to snow tonight so we might have a snow day tomorrow!!! and yes, I LOOKED EFFING GOOD TOO. WOW, WEDNESDAYS. and i will be wearing my pajamas inside-out and backwards tonight in hopes of a…

february 7, 2017

woof. what a day. my alarm didn’t go off, so i was late to work for the first time EVER, and i’m still pretty tired (even though i technically got to sleep in). yeah, you can definitely tell i’m bumming it today. WOOF.

february 6, 2017

alright, i’m back. it’s monday, and i remembered to take a picture today. GO ME! i was feeling pretty good about my look today. my makeup turned out well (even though my one eye lash on my right side was wonky and weird, but hey, you can’t win them all), and i felt pretty decent…

february 5, 2017

alright, you got me. i didn’t take a picture today. it was super bowl sunday and i was busy cleaning the house and dealing with the dogs. so, as promised, here’s an embarrassing baby picture of me: i was the worst kind of 12 year old. so awkward, so weird, so loud…go home baby molly,…

february 4, 2017

it’s freeezing today.  i’m just bumming it today, mostly because i’m exhausted and am cleaning the entire house today.  see you tomorrow!

february 3, 2017

FRIDAYYY. SWEET SWEET FRIDAY. literally this weekend could not have come soon enough… so pale. so tired. so cold. so chapped. my eyes are my only saving grace. woof. brb sleeping for the next two days. see you tomorrow!

february 2, 2017

happy groundhog day! oh my god i found the best spot in my kitchen. the light is just right, my skin looks decent (EXCEPT FOR MY GOD DAMN CHAPPED LIPS), and my eyes are bright and hazel. i wasn’t before, but now i am FEELING myself. see you tomorrow!

february 1, 2017

HAPPY FEBRUARY! IT’S MY BIRTH MONTH! you know, you’d think wednesdays wouldn’t be so bad, but i’m not feeling my best because of some side effects of medicine that I STOPPED TAKING??? PLEASE GO AWAY. once again, i’m slumming it. and i’m psychotic because of it. okay great. see you tomorrow!