february 24-march 1, 2017

alright, i’ve decided it’s probably too hard to post a picture every day. because, well, life gets in the way. i hope you understand.

that being said, i figured i’d post my pictures in segments. i still take at least one picture of myself per day, but just post a group of them when i get a chance. yup, that works.

before this starts, yes i realize i missed yesterday (2/23/2017). SUE ME HERE’S A CRAPPY BABY PICTURE.


friday, february 24, 2017

the weather today means it’s officially spring. it was so nice out! also, my parents came up from maryland to visit for the weekend. fun times ahead!


saturday, february 25, 2017

i took my parents out on the town nearby and did some shopping and walking around in the beautiful weather. no, i wasn’t wearing exactly what i wore yesterday…the shirt is different. get over it.


we went to a new restaurant nearby called the barrow house, and it was DELISH. all the food is locally sourced within 4 miles, and it has an authentic revolutionary vibe. very cool. AND THEY HAVE A PHOTO BOOTH.screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-4-00-44-pmscreen-shot-2017-03-01-at-4-00-53-pm

glad i can keep my eyes open…


sunday, february 26, 2017

i definitely needed today to recover from having my rents up. they’re great, but i needed some alone time.


monday, february 27, 2017

something about monday just makes you feel down. it was a rough day, but i made it through.


tuesday, february 28, 2017

it’s the last day of february! time is truly flying by, and i’m totally okay with it. seriously, i can’t wait for it to be spring, but more importantly summer.

i didn’t want to (hence my face in the first pic), but i went to the gym today. i know any workout is a good workout, but FUCK WORKING OUT.


wednesday, march 1, 2017

HAPPY MARCH! it’s officially the longest month ever because there are no holidays or days off work. but, the countdown to spring break aka honeymoon cruise is on.


see you soon!



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