january 1, 2017

happy new year y’all! i’ve decided to at least start to take a picture of myself every day for the next 365 days. in my head, this seems like a cool way to (attempt to) document my year and the daily fluctuations of moods, events, self-confidence, etc… p.s. there may be pictures of my husband too because sometimes he’s feeling adventurous.

i’ve also made some rules for myself:

  1. take at least one photo a day
  2. don’t primp just for the photo (trying to be real here, okay?)
  3. no photoshopping (not that i know how to do that stuff anyways)
  4. it’s okay if a picture is all there is, aka sometimes i feel like talking about my days and sometimes i don’t
  5. if i miss a day, i must have a good reason why and include an embarrassing photo from my awkward early years

so here’s day 1:



we had a bunch of people over for a NYE party last night so naturally i’m pretty hungover. i didn’t wash my face or shower here, so this is me in my purest form. notice my chapped lips, smudged eyeliner, and resting bitch face.

see you tomorrow!


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